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Indident Surgical Kit for Tapered Implant

Tissue Punch

Used to expose the bone for implant insertion. The component is motor driven and removes the gingiva to expose the underlying bone.

Pilot Drill

Used to mark the site for Implant Insertion.

Surgical Twist Drills

The sizes available are 2.5mm, 3.0 mm,3.25mm, 3.5mm and 3.75mm dia. These drills are marked along their length at 8mm 10mm and 12mm to ascertain the depth of drilling.

Depth Gauge

To obtain parallel preparation and to guide the implant drilling site this instrument can be inserted in the implant site to guide the direction of drilling preparation. It also helps in measuring the depth of the surgical preparation for implant placement. The markings done are at 8mm and then at every 2mm upto 12 mm.

Implant Inserters

Used for final insertion of the Implant in its proper position. The inserters engages the hex of the implant (in case of Ball & Socket implants) & inner portion of the implant (in case of internal hex implant) and after proper engagement the implant is slowly inserted into the bone with gentle force till the implant neck reaches the crest of alveolar bone.

Screw Inserters

For placing the abutment screw/Gingival Former in the implant

Bone Tap

Bone tap is used to thread the internal wall of the bone to ensure proper of the bone tap exactly imitates the threads of implant screws. The bone taps are available corresponding to implant diameter.

Ratchet with Attachments

To facilitate the easy insertion of the Implant

Prosthetic Components

Implant Analogs are available to fabricate different prosthesis like crown, bridge or removable prosthesis.

Indident Surgical Kit MT1


Indident Surgical Kit MT2


Tissue Punch

Pilot Drill

Depth Gauge

Depth Gauge

Screw Inserter

Torque Wrench


Drill 2.5mm

Drill 3mm

Drill 3.25mm

Drill 3.5mm

Drill 3.75mm